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The New Standard
in Dynamic Pricing and RM

Up with Atarev.

Simplified User Interface

Reducing training times and enabling highest user engagement.

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Checklist For The
Future Of Flying

Holistic design and state-of-the-art algorithms of the platform will improve measurable revenue generation performance remarkably.

Automated processes will significantly reduce the time to analyze data before implementing pricing and revenue management strategies

The platform will decrease payroll
expenses as it produces more

accurate analyses with less labor.

Extensive Use of
Artificial Intelligence

Driving further performance
improvements through

Data Driven

Integrating all relevant industry data in one platform.

State of the art algorithm

Providing deep analysis,
recommendations and actions.


Airlines need powerful tools for commercial decision making.

In the wake of COVID-19, airline industry

more than ever strives to establish profitable



Yet, market lacks a comprehensive and

user-friendly platform to meet this demand.

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Take your airline up to new heights.

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We are the people of Atarev.

You will be pleased to meet us.

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